The Perfect Facebook Ad for Promoting Easter and Christmas

The Perfect Facebook Post Combination for Promoting Easter and Christmas

Everyone is saying mailers are dead ( They’re not! Here’s why! ) and you should put more money into promoting stuff on facebook. So here is a quick outline of how we’ve been promoting our BIG SUNDAYS.


The first step to any good promotion strategy is a landing page. Here’s our Christmas Page. People need to place that has all the info they’re looking for. Ours was pretty simple and we got inspiration for Westridge Church. What I liked about Westridge’s page was the FAQ section so we stole it!

We also added a map on the side and a directions and share button at the bottom.

The next step is the more important part!!




There’s a ton out there about how to do this but the main thing is that you want to paste the Facebook Tracking Pixel into your website AND you want to create a custom audience in Facebook Ad Manager.

You need 2 Filters on this audience.
1. They visited your event landing page.
2. They Live within a 20 mile radius of your town

You could increase the mileage range but the main thing is that you don’t want to be paying to show ads to people in India!




Next you’ll need to create or boost an image ad that promotes your event. You’ll also need to filter this ad to only show to local people, whatever mileage distance you need.
Here’s ours, we boosted it for $1000.




Here’s the real magic. This second ad will only be shown to people that have visited your special landing page BUT this ad is a boosted FACEBOOK LIVE post!

We had our Lead pastor give a tour of our building on a scooter. It was amazing!
We boosted it for $30… Yep just $30.




Facebook loves Facebook and Facebook really loves Facebook Live! So because you’re boosting a Facebook video, facebook will give you super low cost per click. We had $.03 per video view for our video ad.

Honestly one of the best parts was that we got almost 40 shares off that video. That’s 40 shares from local people that are not a part of our church!!!



Brian Beauford

Brian helped Grace Church get started and has played a role in almost every ministry at Grace over the years. Brian now oversees, the weekend experiences, communications, marketing and location expansions.